Dr. Renn plans to accept one graduate student for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Doctoral Students

Matthew Schurr

Matthew Schurr is a current 2nd year student in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program. Matthew completed his master’s degree in Applied Psychology in 2019 at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. His thesis focused on examining humor use in older adults with cognitive decline. He also completed a practicum at a private clinical neuropsychological practice, under the supervision of Dr. Matias Mariani, with an emphasis on neuropsychological assessment of those who had experienced a traumatic brain injury. His research interests include taking a dimensional approach to studying depression in older adults in the context of neurodegenerative diseases. Matthew enjoys playing hockey, water skiing, and spending time with friends.

Tess Walker

Tess Walker is a first year student in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program. Tess worked as a research assistant in the THINK FAST lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which focused on technology-based interventions to improve cognition in older adults living with HIV. Tess later received a master’s degree in Psychology from San Diego State University, where she studied mobile health (mHealth) HIV treatment and prevention interventions for sexual and gender minorities. Her research interests broadly include investigating novel approaches to improve health outcomes, and examining cognitive function in the context of underserved and aging populations. Tess enjoys camping, exploring new places, and spending time with friends and her dogs.


Rakshitha Mohankumar

Rakshitha Mohankumar is a first-year student in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at UC Davis in 2018 majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Professional Writing. Rakshitha then went on to work at the Palo Alto VA where she worked on research projects focusing on substance use and weight management. She completed her Master’s in Research and Experimental Psychology at San Jose State University in 2022. Her thesis focused on examining culture and its influences on mental health perceptions. Rakshitha’s research interests include exploring cross-culturally stressors, coping strategies, and well-being with individuals who have addiction and or mental health issues and their family members. She is interested in treatment approaches geared towards adults with addiction or trauma-related issues and in pursuing research related to identifying stressors and improving mental and emotional functioning via coping in individuals. Rakshitha enjoys traveling, trying out new restaurants and cafes, and spending time with her pup Denny.

Post-Baccalaureate & Undergraduate Students

Bryce Brown

Bryce Brown is an incoming senior majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. He is currently participating in an internship that provides mental health resources and support for victims of domestic violence. Bryce is currently a Program Specialist with UNLV’s RISsEe program providing mental health resources to elementary school families in Clark County. His focus is learning more about anxiety and mood disorders, how they affect individuals, and what can be done to help. Currently he is preparing for graduate school to become a licenced therapist, and conduct research on treatment for individuals with anxiety and mood disorders. In his free time Bryce likes to explore nature through camping, hiking, and backpacking. When he isn’t outdoors he loves the art of aquariums and terrariums to keep the beauty of nature at home too.

Christine Guardian

Christine is an incoming senior in the UNLV Honors College. She also works as a Lead Peer Mentor for the College of Liberal Arts and tutors UNLV’s Student-Athletes. As for research interests, they want to focus on advocating for mental health resources within marginalized communities. In the future, Christine plans on attending graduate school for her MSW and becoming an LCSW to become a therapist. Outside of school/work, Christine likes editing videos, playing video games, and going to cafes with their friends and family.

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Emily Post

Emily is an incoming senior studying psychology with a minor in neuroscience. She also works as a volunteer for Infinity Hospice Care, along with hoping to start a gerontology club. For research interests, Emily is hoping to conduct research on older adults in order to find ways to aid with the end of life process. After graduation, Emily wants to apply for a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, hopefully, one that specializes in geropsychology or research that specializes in aging and older adults. Outside of academics, Emily enjoys playing video games, playing with her cats, reading, and caring for her house plants.


Dr. Renn also has the good fortune to collaborate with others outside of UNLV, including Dr. Patricia Arean, Dr. Patrick Raue, Dr. Anna Ratzliff, Dr. Oleg Zaslavsky, Dr. Abhi Pratap, and Grace Woodard.