Welcome to the TREATment Lab! We hope you are well and are glad you’re considering a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and want to share a bit more information to guide your process.

The UNLV Clinical Psychology Doctoral program adheres to the scientist-practitioner tradition, which prepares students to address psychological concerns through scholarly research and applying psychological knowledge and skills in practice.

Students who are most likely to thrive in our lab are those with a passion for clinically relevant research, especially for older adult populations. Dr. Renn’s mentorship is particularly well suited for those with a strong interest in careers in academic health systems and/or academia. As such, successful applicants will have strong research experiences and clearly articulate how their research goals and interests fit within the lab and Dr. Renn’s areas of expertise. We welcome students who are passionate about working with older adults and are warm, engaged, hard-working, self-motivated, flexible, and open to feedback. Students are expected to lead independent research projects, attend professional conferences to present their findings, write manuscripts, and actively contribute to lab activities.

Dr. Renn welcomes applications from a diverse range of prospective students, including first-generation professionals and those from working-class backgrounds, ethnic and racial minorities, nontraditional students, and applicants from other marginalized groups.

Dr. Renn plans to accept one Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student for the 2023-2024 academic year.

There is no need to email Dr. Renn directly to express interest before applying to the Ph.D. program. The UNLV Clinical Psychology page lists faculty who plan to accept students during the admission cycle. Dr. Renn also updates this page to reflect her intent to accept students or not in a given year. While she is happy to briefly answer specific questions over email or offer feedback about how specific research ideas may fit with the lab, she will make interview offers and admission decision.

Helpful resources when considering a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology: